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How it works

Interview: This is the part where we get to know our client and their background and try to establish the current state of their business as well as the goals they plan to reach with the products we will be delivering.

Research: Upon having the information on our client, we proceed to finding out what their competition has to offer, how can we help them beat that and what technologies can we use while doing so, in order to stay fresh and creative.

Architect: We come up with a marketing and technical plan depending on the job we were chosen to do and figure out what can and cannot be done, preparing the materials for the next step.

Design: A prototype of the products we are suppose to deliver is made and we test it to see if it's a feasible concept. Once we have the right concept we begin to implement it.

Build: The pre-publishing step in which all ideas come into being and take shape under a final working product, ready to be delivered.

Deploy: Releasing the product on the market after rigorous testing and making sure that it is behaving according to both the client's as well as our own standards.

Measure & optimize: With the project finished and launched, we test to see how successful it actually is and based on the data we collect we draw conclusions which help improve it in future versions.

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